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Ignition Coils made in Germany

BBT Automotive Components GmbH started the production of bloc ignition coils and ignition coil rails in 2009 – Made in Germany. BBT produces different types of ignition coils in Stahnsdorf near Berlin. In the past few years, BBT has well established as producer of ignition coils and supplies well-known customers in Germany and Europe. The BBT coils feature the following quality characteristics:

  • Development & production according to Six Sigma system
  • Compliance with CP & CPK values
  • Improved performance data of the ignition spark & durability
  • Higher spark current for better ignition
  • Course of the primary current as well as rise time are synchronous to OEM ignition coils
  • Ignition coils are 100 % OBD-II compatible
  • 100 % proofed solder connections
  • Use of high quality components
  • Better separation of the secondary wire for better high voltage protection
Ignition coil by BBT - made in Germany