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We apply the same quality level to partner manufacturers as we do to our in-house production of ignition technology.

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Ignition technology

Benefit from the highest expertise based on more than 30 years of experience in ignition technology! Since 1992 we have been producing ignition cables and spark plug connectors. In 2009, we added the production of ignition coils.

Our focus is on the production of technically advanced ignition coils. In addition, we offer a wide variety of OEM (original equipment manufacturer) quality and tested aftermarket versions.

BBT_FTA1196 Zündspulen-min
Ignition coils
Ready for production & testing

We supply you reliably with over 300 types of ignition coils for German, European and Asian automobiles. Well-known customers from Germany and Europe have been relying on our high quality for years. Most ignition coils are available in OEM and aftermarket versions.

Due to our high vertical range of manufacture, we have the best prerequisites for subjecting aftermarket ignition coils to extensive authorisation tests.

  • Top-plug ignition coils
  • Stick pencil-type ignition coils
  • Compact ignition coils
  • Rail ignition coils
BBT_FTA1240 Zündleitungssatz-min
Ignition cable sets
100% Made in Germany

The production of ignition cables Made in Germany has a long-standing tradition at BBT. We offer durable ignition cable sets for all vehicles. Our parts are distinguished by their strong resistance over a long period. The heat resistance of silicone cables is guaranteed up to 220 °C.

Our range includes ignition cables in copper and resistor technology. These fully comply with the specifications of ISO 3808 and ISO 6856-02.

BBT_FTA1417 Zündkabelsatz Gas-min
Ignition cable sets for LPG/CNG
BBT ignition cables: lower fuel consumption & CO₂ emissions

Extensive tests show that the technology of our BBT ignition cables for gas engines is clearly superior to comparable models. A higher spark current produces faster combustion. This ensures lower fuel consumption. It also reduces CO₂ emissions. Try it yourself!

BBT ignition cable sets have a metallic conductor. It features an electrical resistance and an electrical inductance. As a result, the ignition cables deliver a higher ignition current to the spark plug.

The ignition cables are particularly designed to ensure that the phase shift between current and voltage in the ignition spark is minimised and the spark power yield is maximised.

This is what makes our ignition cable sets for LPG/CNG systems so special:

  • Particularly for monovalent & bivalent systems
  • Ignition cables suitable for 300 °C continuous operation
  • Custom-fit cable lengths & connections
  • Best insulation against liquids
  • High-quality two-layer silicone ignition cable
BBT_FTA1368 Zündkerzenstecker-min
Spark plug connector & ignition distributor connector
Optimum spark & precise ignition process

This range is one of our main pillars. It has been crucial in the 30-year success of our company. In the past, we produced these parts ourselves. Even today, you benefit massively from this expertise.

That is why BBT spark plug and distributor connectors are so popular:

  • Interference suppressed according to VDE standard
  • Spark plug connectors withstand heavy loads (mechanical & thermal)
  • Reliable contact to the spark plug and cable
  • Optimal ignition spark
  • Precise ignition process

Your benefits at a glance


The requirements of the vehicle manufacturers are met or exceeded

Extensive assortment

Authentic ignition cable sets/spark plug connectors

High vertical range of manufacture with in-house production

Made in Germany

High functional reliability and durability

Sensor technology

The number of installed sensors is constantly growing. They turn cars into high-tech vehicles – safer, more comfortable and more environmentally friendly. We offer a dynamically growing range of sensors. Always in original equipment quality. Suitable for numerous vehicle types.

BBT_FTA1358 Kurbel-Nockenwellens-min
Crankshaft and camshaft sensors
Timing is everything

With components similar to those in an ignition coil, you also benefit from our extensive expertise here.

Our crankshaft and camshaft sensors are tested according to strict criteria. They offer you considerable advantages over simple aftermarket products.

  • Fast rise & fall time
  • Plug connections are OEM compliant
  • Low power consumption = longer service life
  • Correlation with OEM signal
  • Optimised distance to sensor wheel
BBT_FTA1218 Luftmassenmesser-min
Air flow meters
Absolute smooth running

We develop our air flow meters in-house. Through numerous innovations we have been able to fundamentally improve them. All sensors are 100% tested for their long-lasting quality.

State-of-the-art testing equipment makes dynamic test procedures possible. The same conditions are simulated as in a moving car.

That is why our air flow meters are so successful:

  • Rise and fall curve signal: clean & fast
  • In line with OEM signal: 100% OBD-II compatible
  • Quiet engine in idle state & under high load
  • Full power & torque at all engine speeds
  • Minimisation of pollutant emissions
  • No overshoot/undershoot of signals
  • Optimised fuel consumption, even at full load
  • Good driving dynamics due to fast response characteristics
BBT_FTA1324 Saugrohrdrucksensoren-min
Intake manifold pressure sensors (boost pressure sensor)
We can handle pressure

The intake manifold pressure sensor measures the negative or positive pressure in the intake manifold after the throttle valve. The measured value of the intake manifold pressure sensor is needed to calculate the intake air mass. We established this range parallel to the air flow meter series and currently this is one of our main strenghts. Through proprietary test procedures, we guarantee a high level of functional reliability and durability.

  • Plug connections OEM compliant
  • Fast response to the pressure rise & fall
  • Digitalised outputsignal through micro-processor
  • Potential for higher power output
  • Correlation with OEM signal
BBT_FTA1383_Raddrehzahlsensor 1-min
Wheel speed sensors
Always on track

Today’s vehicles are packed with driver assistance systems such as ABS, ESP, ASR. For these to function, they need data from a wide variety of sensors in the vehicle, including the precise wheel speed of all braked wheels. This is the only way the control units can perform their calculations accurately in fractions of a second. That’s why we carry out a 100% check of the sensors, paying special attention to the magnetic field, frequency and speed signal. For more than 5 years, wheel speed sensors have been one of our successful core competences in sensor technology.

  • Technology pursuant to original equipment standard
  • Coated contacts for increased conductivity and enhanced corrosion protection
  • Cable lengths, fortifications and terminals/connections that match the original parts for fast and simple installation
  • Weatherproof connectors to protect against dirt, moisture, chemicals and other contaminants

Your benefits at a glance

TIMING MATTERS – Sensor technology

The requirements of the vehicle manufacturers are met or exceeded

Extensive assortment

Clean and fast signal rise and fall curve

High precision fit

Efficient use of fuel

High-quality materials and workmanship

Exhaust gas cleaning & fuel supply

Exhaust gas cleaning & fuel supply components are under increasing scrutiny to meet current standards and emission levels. In this category we offer four quality assortments.

BBT_FTA1211 Kraftstoffpumpen-min
Fuel pumps/fuel supply units
Keeping it running

Fuel delivery modules are located in the tank. They consist of the flange cover, the fuel pump in the swirl pot as well as other possible attachments such as tank sensors or pressure regulators. In addition to complete fuel delivery modules, BBT also offers electric fuel pumps.

In 2008, we integrated the range of fuel pumps or delivery modules from various original equipment manufacturers. In the subsequent years, we meticulously investigated the quality level of aftermarket manufacturers in order to be able to offer a perfect alternative besides the OE part.

However, the research showed that there was no first-class quality from the Far East that met our quality standards.

What have we gained at that time? The experience and expertise in this technology which we can still draw on today.

  • Stable pressure regulation
  • Low power consumption = low energy consumption
  • High-quality check valves
  • Hybrid-based tank sensor
BBT_FTA1403 Abgastemps-min
Exhaust gas temperature sensor
Everything under control

Exhaust gas temperature sensors are indispensable in modern vehicles. They are used to monitor the temperature of turbochargers, catalytic converters, diesel particulate filters and systems designed to reduce nitrogen oxides. The sensors are now found in cars with diesel and petrol engines. This product line complements our sensor technology thematically as well as technologically.

Here we apply the same high quality criteria, as well as in our own production. This results in the following benefits for you:

  • High temperature sensor according to original equipment specifications
  • Closed stainless steel cover
  • Thin sensor element for optimal thermal transfer
  • Precisely fitting plugs for optimum cable connection
BBT_FTA1293 AGR-Ventile-min
EGR valve (exhaust gas recirculation valve)
Delivers what it promises

There are numerous suppliers of EGR valves in the aftermarket sector. However, as you probably know, the complaint rate is very high. For example, the opening-closing process often lacks precision.

In 2018, we thus began to analyse the defects of these parts in detail.

Today, EGR valves are subject to significantly more mechanical stress due to new software. We have successfully incorporated this factor into our developments. This has resulted in high-quality products that have been tested over a long period of time. Of course, they are tested in Germany!

  • Diaphragm valve
  • Control valve
  • Solenoid valve
  • Rotary knob valve
BBT_FTA_4930 1-min
Lambda sensors
Persistently good

The lambda sensor measures the residual oxygen content of the exhaust gas and sends the value to the engine control unit. The objective is to minimise the emission of pollutants such as nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide. Therefore, lambda sensors are an important element in engine management to ensure low pollutant emissions.

The assortment for lambda sensors was our start in the field of engine management in 2002 and thus the door-opener in this sector. For two decades, we have been successfully supplying top quality products, including finger, planar and broadband sensors.

  • OEM connector and terminal
  • Nickel-plated strands against corrosion
  • Use of teflon insulating hose
  • Stainless steel housing

Your benefits at a glance


The requirements of the vehicle manufacturers are met or exceeded

High-quality materials and workmanship

Strict quality standards


Reduces pollutant emissions

Precision fit


The importance of e-mobility is rapidly gaining momentum and the willingness to buy an electric vehicle as the next car is continuously increasing. This is accompanied by the demand for Type 2 charging cables.

BBT_FTA1300 E-Ladekabel-min
E-charging cable
Concentrated charge

BBT charging cables not only offer very low voltage drop at full current load. They also offer the best contact properties. Under strict criteria such as heat development, insulation strength and current density, we guarantee you a long-lasting product.

  • Type 2: 3-phase
  • Versions: 16A (11kW) & 32A (22kW)
  • Cable length: 5 m

Your benefits at a glance


Three times faster charging than with a standard 1-phase 16-A charging cable

Robust design

Meets all relevant VDE and IEC product requirements

-30 °C to +50 °C

Suitable for all vehicles with type 2 plugs

Copper-tinned strands

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