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Fuel Pumps / Fuel Supply Units

Fuel pumps / fuel supply units transport the fuel (petrol or diesel), in the necessary amount and pressure required for the respective injection system, from the fuel tank to the injector or to the injection pump. The electrical drive is not separated from the fuel in order to achieve optimal cooling and lubrication of the electrical fuel pump. There is no risk of fire hazard caused by flying sparks or overheating for there is no air or respectively oxygen in the pump.

Fuel supply units consist of a fuel pump, if necessary with swirl pot, a filter and the flange with the corresponding connections. Additionally, the supply unit can be equipped with a fuel level sensor.

Product advantages of BBT supply units:

  • Steady pressure regulation
  • Lower power consumption due to low current flow
  • High quality check valves
  • Hybrid-based tank sensor
BBT-Fuel Supply Unit