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Manifold Air-Pressure Sensor (Boost-Pressure Sensor)

The manifold air-pressure sensor determines the pressure in the manifold tube behind the throttle. The aspirated air mass can be calculated from the signals of the engine speed sensor and of the intake-air temperature sensor. This pressure serves as a basis for the mixture preparation and ignition control.

Sensors have either over three or four poles:

  • Mass
  • Output signal, 0 to 4.5 Volt
  • Supply voltage, mostly 5.0 Volt
  • Optional: Temperature measurement (NTC)

The temperature measurement (NTC) includes the influence of temperature towards the density of intake air, thus yielding the air mass.

BBT manifold pressure sensors feature i. a. the following quality characteristics:

  • OEM-compliant plug connectors
  • Quick engine response when pressure rises or falls
  • Digitalised output signal due to microprocessor
  • Potential for higher power output
  • Compliance with OEM signal
BBT-Map-Sensor DS0900 Comparison of output-signal between OEM and BBT MAP-Sensor

Output-signal (from sensor to ECU):
The comparison shows that the BBT output signal is matching the OEM signal. In addition the BBT sensor has a wider bandwidth.